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Maria Tolstykh

Interview Topic:

Body and Pleasure - a Path to Reclaiming Your Feminine Power

This presentation will be available right here on December 12, 2022 at 12:00 noon Central Time.

Maria's Free Gift to you...

Maria's gift is A Guide to Processing Emotions in Your Body. 

Processing emotions in the body is a crucial skill in staying connected with the reality in the present moment. When you are present with reality in your body you can make choices that are aligned with your vision for your life. You can also lead a life filled with joy and pleasure! 

This guide will give you step-by-step instructions to do just that!

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Contact her at her website:

Maria Tolstykh is the founder, coach, and a priestess at the Pleasure Temple. She leads groups of women in her virtual retreats and offers individual coaching programs.  Maria brings her expertise in psychology, yoga, spirituality, dance, and other somatic practices to help women reconnect to the wisdom of their bodies, embody their sexuality, and claim their PLEASURE and POWER. She helps women tap into the abundance of their sexual life force and create new, powerful results in their career, creativity, relationships, and health.  Maria’s vision is the world where women (and men!) stand in their power, live in freedom and joy, and work together to create a new world that is based on unity, harmony, and love.

Contact her at her website:

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