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Sequoia Stafford

Interview Topic:

 Sovereign Femininity Rising Like the Phoenix


Sequoia's interview will be available right here Thursday, December 15, 2022, at 10:00 a.m. Central Time

Sequoia's Free Gift to you...

As part of The Fierce Compassion of the Divine Feminine Conference Sequoia is offering a free gift.

She has opened 10 spots in my schedule for a FREE Empress Rising session!  

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You can also get her books & 12 Tips for Women Who Want to Have Sex Again on her website:

Connect with her on her Facebook Page:  S. Sequoia Stafford | Facebook

or on her website:

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Sequoia is an author, podcaster, educator, sex coach & master healer who weaves over 20 years of study, practice, teaching and exploration of Ontology, Psychology, Shamanism, Mysticism, Advanced Tantra Therapies, Bio-hacking, Full-Spectrum Energy Medicine, NLP, Drama Therapy, Hypnosis, Nutrition, and her own discoveries of the Science of Now, to guide seekers to be the healthiest human beings possible. Just like our fingerprints, each one of us has a unique design for what brings and keeps us healthy, healed, and in the eXtasy of life.Sequoia is on a mission to take the pain and suffering out of love and S.E.X.! This year she launched the podcast She’s is the Bestselling Author of two books, It’s Hard! Sexual Satisfaction Secrets to Beat Erectile Dysfunction and I’m Not Jealous! The Ethical Non-Monogamist’s Guide to Free Love Relationships Without Pain & Suffering. In her California temple, she teaches Applied Tantra to singles and couples in her signature programs Delicious Love and the Goddess Arts & Intimacy Academy. Sequoia’s wish for her students is to find reverence for humanity in moments of intimacy and relationship challenges that open doors to sacred partnership and deep love.

Connect with her on her Facebook Page:  

S. Sequoia Stafford | Facebook

or on her website:

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