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Dr. Juli Ashwani Lynch

Interview Topic:

The Chalice and the Hoof:

Opening Your Empress Heart to the Frequencies of Light through the Way of the Horse


Juli's interview will be available right here Friday, December 16, at 10:00 a.m. Central Time

Juli's Free Gift to you...

As part of The Fierce Compassion of the Divine Feminine Conference Stephanie is offering a free gift.

FREE GIFT: You do not need to have horses in your backyard or a herd of deer across the fields or buffalo on your drive to work. You can connect with "the sacred grounders of the light energy" by simply closing your eyes and inviting the "hoofed ones" to connect you to the heart of your Empress. Join me, Dr. Juli Ashwani in this FREE meditation video. In this video meditation you will fill your heart chalice through the golden alchemy and sacred geometry of the herd. You will become the high frequency light energy that this New Earth yearns for. Then you will - in the beauty and grace of the horse - pour forth from your heart chalice - like the Empress - filling your empire with joy, love, compassion and gratitude. May all sentient beings benefit from your intention.


Click here for Juli's free gift!

Visit her at her website:

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Juli Lynch, Ph.D is Psychologist, New Earth High Priestess, Animal Intuitive, Crystaline Consciousness Technique practitioner, life coach, executive coach, author, speaker and the founder of Epala®Equine Partnerships - an internationally recognized equine facilitated personal transformation organization. As a life-long horsewoman Juli’s life mission has been to connect humans and horses together in partnership for the mutual benefit of both. She believes that in bringing humans and horses together life-changing transformation can occur in the energetic and spiritual alchemy of trust, love, joy, compassion and gratitude.  Juli works intuitively with the Horse Ancestors, the Horses of Light, her own Horse Counsel and the Epala herd to bring the wisdom, healing and guidance of "the hoofed ones" to the humans she guides and supports. She has dedicated her life’s work – over 30 years to this process of transformation through "the way of the "hoofed ones" around the globe and from the sacred land she calls home in the wilderness of Northern Wisconsin, USA.

Visit her at her website:

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