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Jocelyn Star Feather

Interview Topic:

 The Egyptian Lion Goddess SEKHMET and the Fierce Fire of the Heart


Jocelyn's interview will be available right here Monday, December 12, 2022, at 12:00 noon Central Daylight Time

Jocelyn's Free Gift to you...

As part of The Fierce Compassion of the Divine Feminine Conference Jocelyn is offering a free gift.

Awaken Your Connection with Ancient Egypt: Find Your Power in the Magic of Long AgoDuring this fascinating video exploration of ancient Egypt, you will learn & experience:The role of the Goddess Ma'at - Upholding Natural Order and Cosmic Law
  • The mysteries of Osiris, the profound understandings that ancient Egyptians had about the nature of Life and Death, and what this means for us today

  • The true function of the temples and pyramids of ancient Egypt

  • What we can learn from the ancient Egyptian ritual practices, and how to bring this level of devotion and intention into your own life

  • An exciting announcement about a way to continue learning more about ancient Egypt with me over the next 4 months!

  • A profound shamanic journey to remember your lifetime(s) in ancient Egypt and tap into the knowledge & perception of reality that you had at that time


Click here for Jocelyn's free gift!

Visit her at her website:

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Jocelyn Star Feather is a Visibility & Thought Leadership Coach for Visionary Entrepreneurs, Spiritual Alchemist, Astrologer, & Founder of Sacred Planet. She shares shamanic and ancient wisdom to guide courageous seekers in co-creating a revolutionary new world in alignment with Mother Earth and the vast intelligence of the Cosmos. After a successful 15-year corporate career working in finance for major multinational companies, Jocelyn was thrust into a deep spiritual awakening. It was that awakening which turned her life upside-down ... And from which she emerged with a powerful understanding of how to use her intuition and healing abilities ~ Aspects of herself that she'd never had access to before. She dove deeply into earth-based & shamanic practices, and she has studied alongside elders and wisdomkeepers ever since. She has extensively studied ancient civilizations, especially cultures where the Goddess held a strong presence; and she has spent profound & life-changing time in the ancient temples and pyramids of Egypt. Jocelyn blends alchemy, astrology, Hermeticism, ancient & indigenous wisdom, and a magical shamanic perspective to coach & guide visionary entrepreneurs, revolutionaries and change makers all around the world. Her mission is to help people break free from everything that has held them back, so they can joyfully offer their highest contribution to our collective future. You can learn more about Jocelyn’s work on her website: and her YouTube channel:

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