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The Fierce Compassion of the Divine Feminine

 Entering the Era of the Empress

Global Event!

Here is the full schedule of all speakers, their interview topics, & their free gifts to you!

Please Note: These interviews will air

 between December 12 to 16, 2022.

All interviews are available FREE for 48 hours

(2 full days) after they initially aired. 

All the Free Gifts are Available indefinitely.

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Monday, December 12
All times are listed in Central Time

Kathy Forest           11:00 am
Interview Topic:  Embodying the Empress
Click Here to access Kathy's Replay and Free Gifts!


Jocelyn Star Feather        12 pm
Interview Topic:  The Egyptian Lion Goddess SEKHMET and the Fierce Fire of the Heart
Click Here to access Jocelyn's Replay and Free Gifts!

Jocelyn egypt.jpg

Cayelin Castell            12 pm
Interview Topic: The Era of the Empress:  Looking to the Future
Click Here to access Cayelin's Replay and Free Gifts!

Cayelin new.png

Maria Tolstykh                   12 pm   
Interview Topic: Body and Pleasure - a Path to Reclaiming Your Feminine Power
Click Here to access Maria's Replay and Free Gifts!

Maria Tol.png

Dr. Rima Bonario            12 pm

Interview Topic: Become a Dragon Rider: Embrace Your Sovereign Power

Click Here to access Rima's Replay and Free Gifts!


Rima Priestess Portrait.jpg

Tuesday, December 13

Jewels Wingfield             10 am
Interview Topic:  Wombdala - Leading from Deep Listening
Click Here to access Jewels' Replay and Free Gifts!


Marguerite  Rigoglioso        10 am
Interview Topic: Mother Mary, Queen Guinevere, and Divine Birth: Karmic Empress Energy Available to Us Across Time & Space
Click Here to access Marguerite's Replay and Free Gifts!


Jennifer Ackad                 10 am

Interview Topic: Embodying your Authentic Path

Click Here to access Jennifer's replay and Free Gifts!

Jennifer Ackad.JPG

Julie Foucht                        10 am
Interview Topic: Doing business from the Divine Feminine
Click Here to access Julie's Replay and Free Gifts!

Julie Foucht1.jpg

Linda Star Wolf, PhD          10 am
Interview Topic:  Sekhmet The Golden Lady Lioness, Empress of Fierce Transformation and Compassion
Click Here to access StarWolf's Replay and Free Gifts!


Maya Zacharow             10 am
Interview Topic:  Lumina Natura (the light of nature) Within
Click Here to access Maya's Replay and Free Gifts!

Maya Zacharow.jpeg

Wednesday, December 14

Yeshe Chodron               10 am

Interview Topic: Coming Home to Your Inner Fierce Empress

Click Here to access Yeshe's Replay and Free Gifts!

Yeshe 2.jpg

Mare Cromwell               10 am

Interview Topic: Weaving the Web of Compassion Around the Globe

Click Here to access Mare's Replay and Free Gifts!

Mare Cromwell.jpg

Astara Jane Ashley           10 am

Interview Topic:  The Self-expressed Woman: Cultivating Compassion for our Divine Humanity

Click Here to access Astara's Replay and Free Gifts!


Astara 2.jpg

Aurora Anurca Farber     10 am

Interview Topic: Beauty And The Bees: Claim Your Crown And Co-create A World Of Clarity, Compassion & Courage

Click Here to access Aurora's Replay and Free Gifts!

Aurora 2.png

Thursday, December 15


Sara Estelle Turner           10 am

Interview Topic: The Way of the Nature Empowered Healer - How Working with Nature can Help us Receive and Manifest

Click Here to access Sara's Replay and Free Gifts!

Sara Turner new.jpg

Sequoia Stafford            10 am

Interview Topic:  Sovereign Femininity Rising Like the Phoenix

Click Here to access Sequoia's replay and Free Gifts!

sequoia stafford_edited.jpg

Aletheia Sophia              10 am

Interview Topic: THE CAILLEACH’S VEIL Unveiling the Wisdom of the Dark Months

Click Here to access Aletheia's Replay and Free Gifts!



Tayria Ward                   10 am

Interview Topic: Activating Goddess Energy

Click Here to access Tayria's Replay and Free Gifts!



Stephanie Red Feather    10 am Interview Topic: Feminine Embodiment: You gotta BE in your Body to take Action

Click Here to access Stephanie's Replay and Free Gifts!

Stephanie Red Feather2.jpg

Friday, December 16

Amelia Perkins                10 am

Interview Topic:  Healing the Relationship Between Your Inner Masculine & Feminine

Click Here to access Amelia's Replay and Free Gifts!


Amelia Perkins GWA photo.png

Michelle Orwick             10 am
Interview Topic: Forgiveness is the Ultimate Tool for Empowerment
Click Here to access Michelle's Replay and Free Gifts!


Elizabeth Wood                10 am

Interview Topic:   The True Nature of Power

Click Here to access Elizabeth's Replay and Free Gifts!

Elizabeth Wood.png

Dr. Juli Ashwani Lynch  10 am
Interview Topic:  

The Chalice and the Hoof:

Opening Your Empress Heart to the Frequencies of Light through the Way of the Horse

Click Here to access Juli's Replay and Free Gifts!

Juli and Ike Photo for Summit.jpg

Each day, the interviews will air as shown above.

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