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Yeshe Chodron


Interview Topic:

Coming Home to Your Inner Fierce Empress


Yeshe's Interview will be available right here at 10:00 am Wednesday, December 14, 2022.

Yeshe's Gift to you...

Yeshe is offering the free gift of:

Sa Hu Rosa: Womb-centric Breathing to Nourish Your Blossoming Soul is a unique treasure. This practice is the exact same practice taught in the very first stage of the upcoming course "The Alchemies According to Mary Magdalen".

By practicing Sa Hu Rosa, you're aligning with the women of ancient matrilineal cultures who carried the knowing of all things in life and death within their bodies and were aware of this body-knowledge, or Gnosis. The Magdalen Mystery School founder, Magdalen High Priestess, and lifelong Mary Magdalen enthusiast, Yeshe Chodron, will lead you through Sa Hu Rosa, FREE!

Click here to receive Yeshe's free gift of ceremony!

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Yeshe teaches achievement-driven women who feel troubled and unfulfilled, how to personally access the sweetness of life, so they can truly have it all. Since consciously delving heart-first into the realm of soul growth at age 15, Yeshe has believed (and still does) that every one of us can live a life of fulfillment.  Yeshe is a Master at soul growth who lovingly leads others through its many phases. Along the way, she has embraced a variety of professional and spiritual roles from the Shamanic Arts to nursing, and has been a guide of personal transformation since 1994.

Contact her at:

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