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Michelle Orwick

 Interview Topic:

Forgiveness is the Ultimate Tool for Empowerment

Michelle's presentation will be available right here at 10:00 am Friday, December 16, 2022.

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She has created a video series that guides you through simple daily practices to help bring manifestations into your life with intention. Along with a manifesting journal to help you stay on track.

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Michelle Orwick is an Initiated Priestess of the Goddess path and Spiritual Activator. For the past 20 years, she has been blessed to be a teacher, healer, and guide to thousands of sacred seekers. The last 12 years she has been a Master ThetaHealing Instructor. She is living her purpose as a Divine Priestess. She honors her own rhythms with the cycles of the changing seasons and the ebb and flow of the moon. She has dedicated her life to guiding people on their spiritual journeys, helping them to create the life they desire, filled with joy and purpose. She specializes in helping clients to understand their truths, heal emotional shock and trauma from life events, and illuminate their path for future growth. She helps them go through massive relationship and emotional healings to gain oneness with self. She helps clients live at their highest frequency as they are aligning and recalibrating their up levels and nervous system. She uses rituals, clearings, and activations to transcend and transform at rapid rates. She recalibrates ascension symptoms to help the light body expand to hold more money, more abundance, more love, more joy, and more expansiveness to set you up for success in your life purpose. 

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