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Interview Topic:

The Self-expressed Woman: Cultivating Compassion for our Divine Humanity 

Astara's presentation will be available at 10:00 am Wednesday, December 14, 2022

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Before I founded Flower of Life Press in 2010, I was a Transpersonal Psychotherapist and Art Therapist supporting women who wanted to explore their spirituality and cultivate their creativity in their healing journey. I was also a brand strategist and book designer turned accomplished Creative Director within the realms of a larger international publishing house. During my tenure in corporate, I realized how the voices of womxn were far too sparse and the barrier to releasing your message into the world was too complicated for any modern goddess with an enriching and healing story to share. My purpose and my passion is to uplift the voices of womxn—to help them heal, find their power, and express their truth while stepping into and embracing their next iteration of Self. In addition to running my publishing company and supporting hundreds of womxn annually to birth their stories and publish their books, I privately coach a handful of sisters every year, initiating today's modern womxn into the ancient Priestess Mysteries. Through the study and embodiment of various archetypal energies, as well as energy healing techniques and deep intuitive and psychic skills, I walk beside you, holding exquisite space for you to transform and step into your life as the Creatrix of your reality. As a Priestess of the 13 Moon Mystery School, and an Anointing Priestess of the Rose Mystica Mystery School, I am devoted to walking the path of the open heart and supporting YOU to embody your sovereignty, elevate your consciousness, and breakthrough any internal barriers… to a level of presence, passion, and power in your life that you never dreamed possible. In my spare time, you’ll find me writing, making art, and walking in the fields of our country farmhouse in Connecticut with my writer-husband, our 3 grown daughters, and our English Pointer, Kona. I am a seeker who loves exploring life’s mysteries, especially through the Creative Arts, ceremonial plant medicine, and Sacred Travel.

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