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Aurora Anurca Farber 

Interview Topic:

Beauty And The Bees: Claim Your Crown And

Co-create A World Of Clarity, Compassion & Courage

Aurora's presentation will be available at 10:00 am Central Time Wednesday, December 14, 2022

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You can visit her on her website:

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Aurora Anurca Farber, Feminine Leadership Coach, Intuitive Guide, Writer, Speaker & modern-day Priestess, is on a mission to help women ignite their “Feminine Fire” the 3 flames of POWER, LOVE and WISDOM that are the key to awakening the new feminine evolutionary consciousness that will heal our world. She helps women burn away limiting beliefs, align with their feminine moon rhythm, and embody their mythic purpose in the world.


Aurora holds honors degrees in Literature and Foreign Language, along with a professional certification in Coaching. She is a co-author of three books in the The New Feminine Evolutionary series: The New Feminine Evolutionary; Pioneering the Path to Prosperity; and Sacred Body Wisdom.  She is also a featured writer and artist in the upcoming book, Voices Of The Avalonian Priestesses .


Through private coaching, online programs, women circles and retreats, Aurora creates “sacred spaces” for women to be held, witnessed and loved exactly as they are right here, right now. Her guiding vision is a world of women claiming their creative powers, loving their body temples, and being beacons of fierce wisdom as they burn away archaic, limiting beliefs and light the world on fire with love.

You can visit her on her website:

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