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Amelia's Free gift to you...

Amelia Perkins


Interview Topic:

Healing the Relationship Between Your Inner Masculine & Feminine


Amelia's presentation will be available at 10:00 am Central Time Friday, December 16, 2022

Amelia's Free Gift to you...

Amelia is offering you two free gifts! 

The Love Experiment:

A simple and transforming practice to sweeten your relationship with yourself, others, and the world.

Click here to receive The Love Experiment!


The Conscious Couples Playbook:   A resource to inspire your journey towards more love, deeper connection, and divine sexy-time. 

Click here to receive The Conscious Couples Playbook!

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Amelia Perkins works with tantric principals to tune into the magical-mystical, and create shifts in her clients towards greater sovereignty, radiance, and joy. Tantra teaches that we all have masculine and feminine qualities and energetics within us. Not in the cliche cultural sense but in an archetypal energetic way. The relationship between your inner feminine and your inner masculine is your inner marriage. The inner marriage is worth tending to as your internal relationship dynamics reflect in your outside world. As within; so without. As we mature these aspects of ourselves and get them back into right relationship, it effects all areas of our life for the good: our relationships, creative lives, our ability to make money, and put our work out into the world. And simply put, life gets so much easier and more delightfully magical when we nurture these qualities to work together in the most fruitful way. Amelia gives workshops for women and one-on-one sessions called Soul Dives.


Here’s what clients have to say about Soul Dives:

“A Soul Dive is indeed a reading and a healing, but it is also so much more than that. It is like having tea with a wise and dear friend who has this mystical ability that allows her to see deep into your soul. It was uncanny. The Soul Dive was life affirming, nourishing, energizing and just plain fun! It truly filled my cup and provided so much food for thought to assist me to move in the world with as much grace and ease as possible.” - Madeline, Washington, DC - Civil Rights Lawyer, Certified Coach & Mediator

Visit Amelia at:

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